About Down Range Thermal

Down Range Thermal was founded to serve the discriminating hunters, sportsmen, and professionals that require the best equipment on the market. We specialize in the consulting and sale of thermal and night vision optics.

The use of this state of the art equipment has historically been reserved for the military and law enforcement communities. Recently, technological advancements have brought the cost of thermal imaging within reach of many civilians.

DRT prides itself on personalized service and education. Included with every sale is ongoing technical support to learn the ins and outs of the optic and its features. That way, you know that you are receiving expert tech advice from individuals that field these products on a weekly basis.We take this commitment to personalized service and apply it to each and every sale. Whether you are half way across the country, or right in our back yard, you’ll receive the same Texas friendly approach to ensuring you select the optic that suits your needs.

Our commitment is to only offer products from manufacturers that we have personally fielded and tested. Whether you are using these optics from a blind or a police cruiser, you’ll know that you are utilizing the best in the industry.

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