ThermBright E-TYPE tan


Standard E-TYPE target. We like the small rectangle in the center for 100 yd sight in. These are tan but will transition to green soon.

3 in stock (can be backordered)



Since 2003 ThermBright™ has been the pioneer and leader in the passive thermal target market. These 100% passive targets can provide amazing clarity and detail that no powered target can compete with. Simply stick or staple the targets to a flat surface, and lean backwards ten degrees or more away from the shooter. The thermal contrast effect is immediate, and the targets work night and day and in all environmental conditions.

You have probably heard everything from using hand warmers to hot bullet casings/nails to sight in your thermal scope. With these targets there is no longer the need to use off the wall methods for sighting in your optic. Just mount and shoot. ThermBright has a variety of targets that allow you to do this. Our APHIS/Ranger sight in target (which was specifically designed with input from USDA animal control experts), Bulls Eye and “E” type are three examples, there are custom options available on request from Down Range Thermal. The ThermBright Bulls Eye and “E” types are patchable and will last for years, essentially a one-time investment. ThermBright targets work day or night and depending on the quality of your scope allow for sighting in to 200+ yards.

If using your scope for hunting, ethical and safe hunting practices that afford a quick and humane kill are paramount. Sighting in with one of our available hog or coyote targets will allow you have the confidence in your optic that should guarantee an enjoyable hunt. After all, we are responsible for every round that goes down range – do you really want to shoot at nails and shell casings?


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