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Down Range Thermal was founded to serve the discriminating hunters, sportsmen, and professionals that require the best equipment on the market. We specialize in the consulting and sale of thermal and night vision optics. The use of this state of the art equipment has historically been reserved for the military and law enforcement communities. Recently, technological advancements have brought the cost of thermal imaging within reach of many civilians. more


It’s DRT’s mission to provide every customer with a memorable and rewarding rental experience by providing personalized customer service and offering the best thermal products on the rental market. We are pleased to offer local thermal optic rentals starting at just $199 a weekend. For a fraction of the cost of a new unit, you can lease a premium thermal imager. You’ll gain a competitive edge in the field that only is available with thermal technology. more


Since 2003 ThermBright™ has been the pioneer and leader in the passive thermal target market. These 100% passive targets can provide amazing clarity and detail that no powered target can compete with today.more