Anvil-30 ARC Ball Head

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The Really Right Stuff Anvil-30 ARC Ball Head is a perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and precision. Crafted in the United States with meticulous attention to detail, this ball head ensures reliable performance under demanding conditions. Designed to support heavy equipment yet still provide smooth, precise movements, the Anvil-30 ARC Ball Head gives you complete control over your gear. Its robust construction, combined with effortless adjustability, allows for unparalleled stability and precision in every shot. With the Anvil-30 ARC Ball Head, you're not only investing in a rugged and reliable tool, but you're also gaining the confidence and flexibility to capture the perfect moment, every time.

Load Capacity: 35 ft-lbs/ kg
Height: 2.67"/ 6.78cm
Width: 2.51"/ 6.37cm
Length: 2.85"/ 7.23cm
Ball Diameter: 30mm
Tripod Mount: 3/8"-16
Weight: 15.2oz/ 433g



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