Axion 2 XQ35

The pocket-sized Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 thermal monocular detects heat signatures over 1400 yards away, making it superior at scoping large areas and locating prey. Crisp 384x288 thermal imagery is viewed on the 640x400 AMOLED display.

The Axion 2 XQ35 also features built-in photo and video recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 16GB memory card, and 2x–8x magnification. Pulsar’s Stream Vision 2 app makes it easy for shooters to record, stream, and preserve their thermal experience.

Weighing under 11 ounces, the Axion 2 XQ35 is lightweight but still rugged. A body made of high-quality reinforced magnesium alloy, plus IPX7 ingress protection, and operating temperatures from -13° F to 122° F make the monocular ready for virtually any kind of field operation. A Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of operation.


  • 384x288 sensor
  • 1400+ yard detection range
  • 640x400 AMOLED display
  • Built-in photo and video recording
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Stream Vision 2 app support
  • 8 color palettes
  • IPX7 Fully Waterproof


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