Dual Tube Mount

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The Integrated Components Dual Bridge system offers an adaptable solution that can be configured as a single-tube or dual-tube night vision system with PVS-14 night vision monoculars. 

It also allows bridging of a PVS-14 with a compatible thermal imaging unit.  The thermal must have a dovetail attachment and be small enough for comfortable bridging.  Some examples are the iRay Mini, iRay Rico Micro, Trijicon IR-Patrol, Trijicon Reap-IR (with dovetail), BAE Skeet-IR, N-Vision NOX, AGM Sting-IR, etc.

The unique design of the Integrated Components Night Vision Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™ also allows one or both devices to be swung up 180 degrees, completely out of the line of sight, without disturbing the eye alignment of the other device, and when the entire assembly is folded back against the helmet the system allows both devices to be folded further back towards the helmet than any other systems. 



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