FAST™ QD Lever

Unity Tactical

Optional quick detach lever for the following FAST™ mounts:

  • FAST™ Micro
  • FAST™ Micro-S
  • FAST™ Optic Riser (as of Aug. 2023)
  • FAST™ Absolute Riser
  • FAST™ Comp Series
  • FAST™ MicroPrism
  • FAST™ FTC OMNI, FAST™ FTC 30mm and FAST™ FTC PA magnifier mounts come with this lever pre-installed

NOT compatible with the FAST™ COG Series and FAST™ LPVO mounts.

CAUTION: The UNITY™ proprietary nut is required to prevent damage to the mounting interface. Use of a standard ADM nut (not UNITY™ proprietary) will cause damage to the host rail and is not covered under warranty.



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