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The Individual Weapon Sight–Long Range (IWS-LR), an extended range handheld or weapon mounted thermal sight. The system’s thermal imaging capability allows for long-wave infrared observation and target identification under adverse conditions, including light rain, smoke, light snow and low- light to total darkness. The IWS–LR utilizes a leading-edge 640 x 480, 17 μm uncooled Vanadium Oxide microbolometer. IWS–LR image is enhanced by compact High Dynamic Range (cHDR) Automatic Gain Control with adjustable detail and edge enhancement. This feature allows the operator to further customize the image to the conditions of the scene
being viewed.

The IWS–LR utilizes a 1280x1024 high resolution display in order to allow for integration with higher magnification DVO for DMR and Sniper applications. The IWS–LR has a built in UWB wireless transmitter that allow the IWS–LR to link to windows based tablets, android based tablets and phones, wireless equipped goggles and helmet mounted displays. IWS–LR is laser range finder compatible, including a disturbed reticle in stand alone modes. The IWS–LR run time is eight hours on three AA batteries allowing for longer mission and surveillance times without a battery change.



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