Nighthunter S35 Gen II

Harness the power of advanced thermal imaging with the Steiner Nighthunter S35 Thermal Scope. Featuring a high-definition 640 x 512 @ 12μm thermal sensor and an OLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, this scope ensures unparalleled clarity and detail. Powered by Quantum Vision technology, it combines state-of-the-art thermal sensors, outstanding display quality, and proprietary software to deliver exceptional performance on the darkest nights.

Detect coyotes and pigs at over 2,000 yards and recognize targets within 500 yards, elevating predator and invasive species control. The Nighthunter S35's robust, waterproof, and shockproof design, capable of withstanding up to 30G, makes it the perfect companion for any environment. Versatile features like Picture-in-Picture mode, stadiametric rangefinder, and customizable color palettes, including Amber, adapt to any scenario, ensuring you have the best view possible.

Stay connected and share your experiences effortlessly with integrated WiFi and the Steiner Connect app. Supported by a 9-hour battery life, the Nighthunter S35 provides long-lasting performance for extended hunts. Elevate your hunting experience with unmatched usability, handling, and legendary ruggedness. The Steiner Nighthunter S35 Thermal Scope is the ultimate tool for those who demand the best in thermal imaging technology.

Experience Quantum Vision


Core/Thermal Sensor

Unmatched Thermal Clarity: Experience the sharpest thermal images with a 640 x 512 @ 12μm thermal sensor, delivering exceptional detail and accuracy.

Real-time Imagery: Enjoy fast and smooth automatic calibration, ensuring clear, real-time pictures of moving targets.

Steiner Algorithm: Benefit from Steiner's high-speed software, providing high contrast and outstanding sensitivity to detect even the faintest heat signatures.

Adaptive Output: Customize your view with various modes and color palettes, including White Hot, Black Hot, Iron Red, Fire, Red Hot, and Amber, to suit any environment and personal preference.


Optimal Visibility: The high-quality OLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels guarantees optimal visibility in any light condition, ensuring you never miss a detail.

Comfortable Observation: The large 10.8-inch screen provides a comfortable and immersive viewing experience, reducing eye strain during extended use.

Versatile Features: Utilize advanced features like Picture-in-Picture mode, stadiametric rangefinder, and multiple color palettes to enhance your hunting and observation capabilities.

The Steiner Nighthunter S35 Gen II Thermal Scope combines cutting-edge technology and advanced features to deliver unparalleled performance, making it the ultimate tool for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.


Item Number MSRP Finish System Resolution Operating Temperature Range Beacon Dimensions Weight Battery Display Resolution
9526 $4,545.99 Black 640 x 512@12μm -10 c to 50 c 120 x 80 x 73 mm 460 g 2 x 18650 OLED 1280 x 9


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